Planning the Illustration

The next step was planning the illustrations.

On the left is a copy of the layout for page 1.  I drew an outline of the space the illustration would fill.

The words on Page 1 are: "Halfway up Rocky Mountain, in a dark and gloomy cave, there once lived a grumpy old moose. His cave was in the most deserted part of the mountain. Few other animals ever went near the spot and that is just the reason he liked it."

Since the text was introducing the moose and his home, I thought the illustration should do the same. I decided to do a side view of the moose for the first picture because I thought it would be easiest to see his grumpy expression from a side or 3/4 view, and
I wanted to emphasize his grumpiness.
Moose outline
Moose rough outline sketch

I started by doing some really rough sketches of what I wanted the picture to look like (left). Once I had a sketch I was happy with, I drew a neater and more detailed outline (right).

If I were working with an author on this, I would  e-mail her a copy of the outline and ask her what she thought. If she liked it, the next step would be to do the illustration in color.

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