Blooper Fixing

On the left is a close-up of the blooper I made on the lute neck. As you can see, it looks like it has been twisted at the top.

Unfortunately, the entire lute was already outlined in ink. I was not sure if the ink could be removed, but I decided to try to erase the problem section and see if I could re-draw and color the area without messing it up more.

I tried erasing the area with a typewriter eraser. I only use typewriter erasers when no other eraser will work because they are so abrasive to the paper. It worked, but I had to take off quite a bit of paper to get the ink off, and there is still a groove in the paper where the first outline was.

Next, I redrew and colored the area. I have included a picture of the re-done lute neck on the right. I can still see room for improvement, but it is better than it was.

On the left is the background and border after I fixed the bloopers. On the right is the completed poster.


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Blooper Fixing

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